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A Project Funded and Supported by The West Michigan Regional Prosperity Alliance

West Michigan Regional Dashboard 

The West Michigan Regional Dashboard is a collaboration by nine West Michigan organizations to establish a common set of indicators by which to measure the region's overall growth and prosperity. 

In 2018, the Dashboard received a design and data refresh as part of a continuous improvement process. It now contains 37 indicators, including 17 economic, 14 social, and 6 environmental. 

How to use the dashboard

The dashboard is divided into three major categories: ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL. By selecting a single indicator within one of the three categories, you can further analyze that indicator, comparing it to regional, state, and national averages. GREEN indicators have improved year over year, while YELLOW or RED indicators reflect no change or a negative trend.  

The dashboard is best viewed on a desktop monitor. 

Give feedback
We'd like to hear from you! How have you been using the dashboard? Let us know here.

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